The House of Lunch

Our Food

  • Mexican Sheperds Pie
  • Selection of Ciabatti
  • Boardroom selection
  • Stuffed Local Aubergines
  • Outside Catering
  • Traditional Almond Pastini
  • Outside Catering
  • Focaccia
  • Canapes
  • Karrot Klub Sandwich
  • Canapes
  • Chicken Rosemary Ciabatta
  • Spicy Tuna Bagel
  • Yogurt & Rolled Oats

Karrot & Ko is an eatary in the heart of Mriehel serving a variety of lunch options. We offer a range of interchaging cuisines to be served in our cafe as well as available for take out. Also a range of pret-a-manger snacks are prepared daily for our customers prefering a quick bite or a hurried option.

Our in house kitchens provide varying menus on a dialy basis, reflecting local seasonal ingredients supplied through our network of local producers as well as different periods throughout the year, whether they're special occasions or yearly celebrations which we look forward to.

Sourcing local ingredients helps us in offering fresh products at lunch time prices, understanding that lunch should be your little daily reward during a hard days work at the office or at your warehouse. We agree that rewards shouldn't cost much!

Our philosophy is understaning food and consumers, and for such, are willing to offer exactly this, whether it's a light Monday noon lunch, counteracting a hypercaloric weekend, or tempting you to spend your mid-week cheat day with a taste of one of our home-made cakes and pastries.

Today's Specials - 13th January

French Onion Soup #fromscratch served with half a ciabatta - €4

Algio Olio e pepperoncino Pasta - €5.00

Barley Stuffed Peppers with mozzarella, roasted karrots, onions, honey and cumin, served with roasted potatoes and grilled veg - €6.50

Freshly Baked Pies - €4 –Chicken Sweetcorn, Chicken Coronation, tuna & Spinach, Beef

Hummus and Yogurt Wrap – with our home made hummus, chicken, yogurt and lettuce in a multi grain wrap - €4

Chicken Avocado Salad - Steamed Chicken, Avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander and dressing (red vinegar, olive oil & Smoked paprika)

Marinated Bufala Salad – Freshly Imported Bufala Mozzarella topped with our own Dry fried fennel seasoning, fresh basil and an olive oil dressing, set on a base of mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumber - €5

Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad with our own Caesar Dressing, shavings of Grana and bacon - €5

Piadina Pancetta Provolone and sweet marinated peppers - €3.50

Business Hours

  • Mon - Fri7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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